Often it is said that the only constant in life is change. African Entertainment Award Winner singer/songerwritter Blandine Kaniki Knows well about enduring the seasons of change, particularly the matters of the heart. With the eminent release of her 4th Single “Rockyna", The Congolese singer Blandine, pours her heart and soul on her soon to be released masterpiece. Enlisting a powerful collaboration with Congolese music legend  Nyboma Kanta and Lead guitarist Lokassa Ya Bongo, Blandine made this project a labor of love and a true expression of life….Blandine’s Life. "Music is an expression of who you are, my objective is to allow people to be themselves through my music, that is why I must sing and speak about what people have personally been through. "Blandine Kaniki says. Blandine has cemented herself as a musical sensation. Having dropped 3 R&B singles Titled: Take it Back, Telephone and To the beat, Blandine now chooses to takes her fans through a musical journey as she will soon release her 4th masterpiece titled Rockyna Plus an additional acoustic version of “Rockyna and a remix of “Vita Imana” a song originally sang by the legendary Ferre Gola from Congo Kinshasa. With her Full-lenght album in the works, Blandine refers to Rockyna as the beginning of an amazing Afro-beat music Journey. In this new music genre project, Blandine wants her fans discover a personality that has been hiding inside of her for too long and to go on a Rumba/afrobeat music journey with her.
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